Friday, 16 March 2018

Not Much of a Difference Between Hajj and Umrah

Many of Muslims express their heartiest wish to perform the holy act of Hajj by visiting cities like Makkha and Madinah. Where there might be other section of individuals who believe that Umrah is considered one of the holiest and spiritual acts of life.

Well, true to say, both the sections are right in their own sense as Hajj and Umrah are both considered as a pious way of purifying one’s mind, body and soul and also to get rid of past sins. Even both the act of worship is being performed in Makkha and Madinah both which is being attended by millions of Islamic followers all through the years.

Feel the Difference

Despite of having location and spiritual based similarities between the two, Hajj and Umrah have also some basic difference between the two that are as follows:

•    Time Period: The first and foremost difference you find is in terms of performing the same at the different point of time. Hajj which has more relevance than Umrah can only be performed once in a year during days of Dhu aj-Hijja. Whereas, Umrah can be performed any point of time of the years with no bondage at all.

•    Significance: Although the purpose is same to letting yourself devoted to the vicinity of highest Deity, by Hajj is considered more important and significant than Umrah as it features days long rituals to be performed by Muslims.

Two Types of Umrah

If you would like to know the difference between Hajj and Umrah, then necessary is to know the two types of Umrah that are as follows:

•    Al-Umrat Al Mutradah: This means to say performing without Hajj.

•    Umrat Al Tammatu: This means performing Umrah with Hajj. In addition, both need to be performed during Dur Al-Hijja days only.

Make your Bookings First

No matter which act of Allah’s worship you choose to perform, making bookings well in advance need to be done. Whether you are looking for first flights to cities, 5 star hotel in Madinah or a personal guide everything is better to book under an affordable package.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Province Al Sham Madinah - A Place where Real Luxury Is

Province Al Sham Hotel Madinah is sure to provides you a relaxing pose during your stay in the purest place on earth. A 4-star hotel of Madinah is what states to be one of the closest doors to Masjid Al Nabawi is ideally meant for its unmatched luxury, elegance, beauty and monumental size.

Offering just 3-minute walking distance away from Holy Mosque, this lodging features fully Arabic and Turkish style d├ęcor, whether you around in the lobby or reception area. The exact same feeling of peace, tranquillity and traditional style is best reflected in highly spacious guest rooms.

Province Al Sham Madinah
Province Al Sham Hotel
Marvellous combination of dark and light shaded contrast is being reflected inside rooms that also feature facilities like free Wifi, air condition, fully furnished bathroom with free toiletries, guest slippers, tea/coffee maker, bright lighting, flat screen television and much more.

The building of this Madinah hotel features several shops for gift items and eateries, provide golden opportunity to guest finding fun to do activities around.

Nearby airport is Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport which is just 20-minute drive away from the hotel. Plus, you can also find other places like Ladies Ziyarat Gate, Haram Parking and the Holy Mosque around the hotel.

Not Much of a Difference Between Hajj and Umrah

Many of Muslims express their heartiest wish to perform the holy act of Hajj by visiting cities like Makkha and Madinah. Where there mig...